Troyer Trivia

Ready for some fun? Let's see how many Troyer Farms Tidbits you can remember.

Ready? Start!

1. Which 19th Century tycoon played a part in the creation of the first potato chip?
a) Teddy Roosevelt
b) Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt
c) Scrooge McDuck

2. How soon do most Troyer Farms products reach your store shelves?
a) Whenever the truck driver wakes up
b) About a week after we find the shovel
c) The day after we make them

3. How many tons of potatoes does Troyer Farms process every hour?
a) Between six and seven tons
b) Almost one
c) About as many as Grandma Troyer can dig

4. What sets Troyer Farms apart from every other regional potato chip producer (besides the great taste)?
a) All employees wear Troyer Farms hats
b) Troyer Farms grows its own potatoes
c) A 12 foot wall, a 20 foot moat and a dozen alligators

5. Why have potato chip processors from across the globe found their way to Waterford, Pennsylvania?
a) They can smell the Tex-Mex cooking
b) Rand-McNally has improved its World Atlas
c) To view "state-of-the-art" processing equipment
d) All of the above

6. What kind of preservatives does Troyer Farms put in its potato chips?
a) None at all
b) Potapretzcorntortpuffnachosourmextexalide & derivatives
c) Sodium diacetate, malic acid and calcium stearate

7. Which Age left behind the rich soil in which Troyer Farms potatoes grow?
a) The Space Age
b) The Ice Age
c) The Age when you should know better

8. FROM OUR TOUR BROCHURE : What was the first toy ever advertised on Television?
a) The Hula Hoop
b) Slinky
c) Mr. Potato Head

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