Snack Jacks

Gameplay: The object of the game is to click on the number of pretzels shown in the pick-up box before the ball bounces back to its starting position. Get all twelve and you're a winner. (We knew that already!) You can score more points with each successive skill level. The lowest winning score is 78 points (at one point per pretzel) in the "Slow" level. The highest is 234 points (at three points per pretzel) in the "Fast" level.

But watch out, the penalty for failure can be steep. If you don't click on all the pretzels you need, the total possible points in that play are deducted from your score. So your score can drop dramatically, depending on the skill level you're playing. When your score reaches zero, the game is over! Let's see how fast you can grab those pretzels!

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