Play Snack Jacks!

It's time to try your skill at Snack Jacks, a high tech version of the classic game of Jacks! Give it a shot and see how high you can drive the score. It's played with pretzels instead of jacks, Mmmm. You'll need to have the appropriate Shockwave plug-in for your browser to play this game. The plug-in is available for free download at:

Family and Party Games (Summertime fun):

Cold Potato

This simple game revolves around a different kind of sprinkler. Players must have quick reflexes and a good toss.


  • Balloons
  • Safety pin
  • Water


  1. Using a pin, poke a hole in a balloon. Then fill it with water, so that it becomes a time bomb with a slow leak.
  2. Players stand in a circle and toss the balloon around. The idea is not to be the one holding the balloon when it runs out of water.
  3. The focus really isn't on winning or losing--it's on how cool you get while playing the game.

Potato Toss

Here's a fun game of toss that you will love to play at the beach.


  • 2 to 3 medium-size potatoes per player.
  • 1 large rock (8 to 12 inches across), heavy enough not to budge when the potatoes hit it, or a sturdy stick or piece of driftwood staked in the sand as a target


  1. Place the target rock or stick in an open area of sand away from other beachgoers. Scratch a line in the sand 8 to 12 feet away from it. Players take turns standing behind the line and trying to toss a potato as close to the target as possible.
  2. Once all the potatoes are tossed, check to see which came closest. (Bouncing off the target doesn't matter; what matters is where your potato lands.) You can play as individuals or teams and score the rounds separately or accumulate points toward a set goal. After several rounds, try moving the line farther from the target.



  • Playground ball


  1. Everyone counts off and then stands with one foot on a designated base.
  2. The player who is "It" throws the ball high in the air and calls out one player's number. As the other players scatter, the called player tries to grab the ball. When he does, he shouts "Spud," at which point the other players must freeze.
  3. The ball holder can take two giant steps toward any person, whom he then tries to hit with the ball. The target person can evade the throw by moving his body but not his feet. If the thrower misses or the target catches the ball, the thrower earns an S. If he hits the target, that person earns an S.
  4. Whoever earns the letter becomes It and tosses the ball to start the next round. Players are eliminated once they earn S-P-U-D. Last person still in the game wins.
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