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Enter Contest
Name our potato farmer! We are looking to give our farmer a name, help us by submitting your entry and your favorite Troyer Farms Snack to: Name the Farmer Contest. The names will be reviewed and a winner will be selected and announced on the Troyer Farms website. Put on your thinking caps and good luck!

Download the Troyer Farms Coloring Sheet! Print out a copy for you and a friend! More coloring and activity sheets will be coming soon!

You will need:
- Large Troyer Farms Chip Bag
- Pen
- Ruler
- Scissors ~~ Rinse and dry a large chip bag, then measure and cut into 1 1/2 by 4 inch strips.
~~ To make each link, crease a strip in half vertically and horizontally [A].
~~ Fold along sides to meet the vertical crease, then fold the strip in half along the vertical crease [B].
~~ Fold the ends of the strip to meet the horizontal crease, then fold the strip in half at the horiztonal crease ©.

(As you make the links, store them in an envelope to keep them from unfolding.)
~~ Set one link aside.
~~ Connect the rest by slipping the ends of one through the slots formed by the folds of the next.
~~ To turn your chain into a bracelet, unfold the slots of the spare link and thread it through the slots of the chain's end links to connect them.
~~ Secure the connector's looses ends by folding each of them back over one slot and into the other.

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