Troyer Farms History

Troyer Farms is the only U.S. manufacturer of potato chips that grows its own potatoes. As a result, Troyer Farms can legitimately claim to produce the freshest chip in the country.

Troyer Farms is locally owned and operated by the Troyer Family. The family members own and work the land near their headquarters in Waterford, PA. The family owns nearly 2,500 acres, with over 900 acres dedicated to raising potatoes. The company is able to raise a good portion of the potatoes used in production of its products on the farm.

In the spring, Troyer Farms' employees who work the farms plant the potatoes. During the local growing season, which lasts from late July until November, they Troyer harvests 20 million pounds of potatoes – enough for about 60% of their annual production needs. They use their own tractors to pull the loads the short distance to the bines, where temperature, humidity and air flow are strictly controlled.

Within a short time, often as little as an hour, the production crew begins moving the freshly picked crop through the process of scrubbing and peeling and chipping and cooking. They work for two shifts each day.

The product is packaged and moved to market. Route salesmen and independent owner operators take care of servicing our customers, rotating and stocking our customer's shelves.

Troyer Farms employs nearly 350 people. Production occurs at the 300,000 sq ft Waterford, PA facility and the 35,000 square foot Canonsburg, PA Pretzel Facility.

The Troyer Farms legacy all began in the late 1930's when farmer Dan Troyer left Nebraska for northwestern Pennsylvania and began growing potatoes. Dan's farming expertise, combined with an ideal climate and soil type, led him to produce some of the most prized potatoes in the area.

Sons Clifford and Cletus Troyer, following in their father's footsteps, focused on growing top quality chipping potatoes and selling them to manufacturers. In 1967, the brothers decided to make their own chips. They set up production lines and established three delivery routes. That small operation expanded steadily into nearly 200 routes.

In its two plants, the company produces and distributes potato chips, popcorn, tortilla chips, pretzels, and extruded snacks such as cheese twists and corn puffs.

In 1984, Troyer Farms acquired the Cleveland-based Dan Dee Pretzel and Potato Chip Company and consolidated Dan Dee's manufacturing into the Waterford plant. This expansion enabled the company to penetrate the Ohio and West Virginia markets rapidly.

In 2001, Troyer Farms acquired Seyfert Foods, an Indiana based snack food producer. This acquisition allowed Troyer Farms to expand into the Indiana and Michigan markets.

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