Bickel’s Snacks History

Bickel’s Snacks History

Bickel's Potato Chip Company was started in 1954 by Mr. Luther Bickel in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. It was a regional family run business offering a unique "seared" potato chip in a variety of flavors.

To further strengthen its position in the salted snack category, Bickel's Snack Foods purchased the assets of York Snacks, Bon Ton Brands and Snack Food Facility. In 1998 Hanover Foods formed Bickels Snack Foods Inc. Hanover Foods is the largest independently owned manufacturer of frozen, canned, fresh, and snack food products in the United States.

The consolidation brought together the production of corn snacks & potato chips, branded labels & private labels, the traditional potato chip & the unique seared potato chip all in one company.

Bickel's is one of the few manufacturers that can offer a FULL LINE of salted snacks - potato chips, pretzels, tortilla chips, corn chips, cheese curls, popcorn, party mixes, and much more!

Bickel's then acquired WEGE Pretzel Company of Hanover Pennsylvania in 2003 to strengthen our position with the manufacturing of pretzels in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Bickel's Snack Foods is committed to being the number one salted snack producer for the future. Quality, consistency, and dedication to customer service keep us moving toward that goal.

Bickel's name was then changed to Bickel's of York, Bon-Ton of York and WEGE of Hanover to better define its snack food roots within the "snack capital of the world" in south central Pennsylvania.

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